DOT Metal Products produces over 3,000 galvanized, steel and aluminum building components, specializing in metal roofing, ventilation products, trims, flashing, steel framing, rain carrying products, corner bead and drywall accessories. Every product is precision engineered and manufactured to the highest standards to promote greater strength and durability while enhancing overall structural integrity after installation.

Traditional Roof JACK vs. Total JACK®: Comparing Form & Function

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Metal Roofing FAQ

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About Us

For more than 50 years, DOT Metal’s products have been trusted for quality and tested for strength. Since the company’s foundation in 1958, DOT Metal Products has grown into the region’s leading manufacturers of metal building products. Read more

Company News

Thursday, May 15, 2014 Dot Metal Products will be at the 2015 International Roofing Expo in New Orleans on February 24-26, 2015. Click here for more news.

Metal Flashing and Trim Colors


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DOT Metal Products  @dotmetalproduct
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DOT Metal Products  @dotmetalproduct
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